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        If you are looking for information on otters, you've come to the right place! Otternet has a wealth of interesting facts on otters. Our 50 + pages will help you with getting the information you need. Otternet is the largest resource on the Internet for otter information. We have in-depth species profiles giving you tons of information on all 13 species of otter. We also have habitat overviews for the five continents otters live on; there you can find which otters live in each country, what the threats to them are, and their conservation status.

        Otternet was formed to help educate people on otters - providing a wealth of facts not found anywhere else on the web, including a comprehensive Links page. Many species of otter are either threatened or endangered. Otters, once sought after for their fur, are making a comeback in some areas. Although there is still the threat of illegal poaching, otters are faring better than earlier this century due to the assistance of many organizations throughout the world.
        Inhabiting five of the continents of the world, Otters are truly amazing mammals. Otters are unique in many ways. For instance, Otters are the only marine mammals to have fur instead of blubber. There are thirteen species of otters alive today. There used to be fourteen, but the fourteenth otter, Maxwell's otter, is presumed extinct due to draining of their waters to perform genocide in Iraq. Otters are very smart; they are one of only a handful of tool using mammals. Sea Otters use rocks to pry abalone off rocks and to break open shells.

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Did you know...
  • There are 13 species of otters.
  • Otters are believed to have been on earth for 30 million years.
  • Otters live on every continent except Antartica and Australia.
  • Otters are semi-aquatic members of the family Mustelidae.
  • Otters are cousins to weasles, badgers, ferrets, and mink.
  • Sea otters are one of the rare mammals who use tools.

  • We invite you to explore Otternet and learn more about these fascinating animals! Review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for commonly asked questions.

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