Dear Readers,

Welcome to the final edition of The River Otter Journal. Included are four summary reports for research projects sponsored in part by grants from the River Otter Alliance (ROA): “Diet and Activity of River Otters (Lontra Canadensis) Based on Seasons and Ecosystems”; “Evaluating the Relationship Between River Otters and River Otter Latrines”; “In Search of Otters: A Case Study at Parsa Wildlife Reserve of Nepal”; and “Population Survey for River Otters in the Rocky Mountain National Park.” Also included are some photos from wildlife rehabilitator Melanie Haire, who recently received a grant from the ROA to help purchase construction supplies for a new river otter treatment structure.

Since this is our final newsletter, we want to extend a special thank you to the persons who have allowed our group to contribute to the survival of the North American River Otter through education, research and habitat protection. First, we thank our founders, Carol Peterson, John Mulvihill, Leslie Malville, and Joe Powell who started the ROA in 1989. We especially want to thank Carol and John who have kept the group going through the years and have served on the Board of Directors since the beginning. Second, thank you also to long-time Board Members Judy Berg, David Berg and Tracy Johnston, who have served on the Board for 17 or more years in multiple positions, including President. Thanks also to our Scientific Advisors through the years: Dr. Paul Polechla, Dr. Merav Ben-David, and Dr. Tom Serfass. Also, thank you to Board Members Diane Tomecek, Glenn Chambers, Dr. Jo Thompson, Jan Reed-Smith, Melissa Margetts, and Jennifer Bohrman. Thank you to all others who have aided the group in various ways, including contributions of articles and / or photographs for our newsletter.

And finally, thank you to you, our long-time members and supporters, without whom the River Otter Alliance could not have continued its mission for over 22 years. As promised, the River Otter Alliance will continue to disburse the small amount of funds remaining in its treasury to grants related to otter research, education, reintroduction, rehabilitation and habitat protection. We will continue to post future grant summary reports received on our web site at


The River Otter Alliance Board of Directors