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Otter Organizations

International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF)
The International Otter Survival fund is the only group that protects all thirteen species of otters. They give a quarterly newsletter with all the latest otter news to members. Their site is an excellent source of otter news.

Friends of the Sea Otter
A non-profit organization, founded in 1968, dedicated to the preservation of the Sea Otter, through advocacy, education, and the facilitation of scientific research. Their page has a store, kids area, range maps, sea otter information and current issues on sea otters throughout their North Pacific Range.

The Otter Project
The site dedicated to protecting the California Sea Otter.

Montery Bay Aquarium
Montery Bay Aquarium's Otter Research and Conservation is the only program in the world that rescues and rehabilitates Sea Otter pups with the aim of returning them to the wild. CNN article on April, Monterey's first female Sea Otter to be released.
Discovery Online does writeup on SORAC.

River Otter Alliance
An organization promoting the survival of the North American River Otter through education, research and habitat protection.

New York River Otter Project
The site for the New York River Otter reintroduction project. Also check out the New York State page update.

Aqualutra Otter Park in Holland
The site for the Aqualutra Otter Park in Holland.

HAWKE Wildlife Rehabilitators
The site for HAWKE (Humane Association of Wildlife Care and Education, Inc.) who rehabilitates North American River Otters in the Florida region.

River Otters reintroduced in Nebraska
Nebraska river otter reintroduction, description of otters.

IUCN Otter Specialist Group - IUCN (The World Conservation Union) has numerous Species Specialist Groups, including the Otter Specialist Group. Members participate from around the world to promote otter conservation communication. No web site yet.
See Otternet News for the latest IUCN sponsored worldwide colloquium.

Wildlife/Zoo Organization Pages with Otter References

Defenders of Wildlife: Wildlife: Sea Otters
Defenders of Wildlife, founded in 1947, is dedicated to saving the biodiversity of our planet through protecting entire ecosystems and associated species. This sea otter section contains facts, comment letters, media and press and ways you can help save the sea otter. They also have a sea otter unit for teachers use on their kidsplanet.org section.

Marine Mammal Center - Sea Otter page
Detail description (great writeup) of Sea Otters from the Marine Mammal Center.

Vancouver Aquarium - Sea Otter page
Detail description and facts on Sea Otters from the Vancouver Aquarium

Sea Otter page - World Wildlife Fund Canada
Fact sheet on Sea Otters by Canada's World Wildlife Fund.

Sea World Animal Bytes - Sea Otter
A recap on Sea Otters by Sea World specialists.

Sea Otters - Alaska Dept of Fish and Game
A description of Sea Otters by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, who are responsible for managing Alaskan wildlife.

Smithsonian brief - Sea Otter
A recap on Sea Otters by Smithsonian - includes a 19th century naturalist passage.

California Sea Otter Game Refuge
In California ? Visit the California Sea Otter Game Refuge in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

National Geographic Otter Cams
National Geographic has several otter videos and an otter cam link.

Encyclopedia Reference
The Encyclopedia of Mammals reference text for Otters

Otter recap by R ZU 2 U
A quick orientation to Otters by the organization R Zu 2 U.

U of Michigan References Sea Otters.
North American River Otter reference as well.

University of Michigan Museum of Zoology detailed description on the giant otter.

InkaNatura supports Giant Otters
Giant Otter conservation program from InkaNatura in Peru.

Giant Otter Conservation
Discussion on the Giant Otter and conservation rationale.

Philly Zoo has Giant Otters
From the Philadelphia zoo, the only zoo in the US with a giant otter.

Cape Clawless Otter
Cape Clawless Otter background - June 1998 spotlight jacqwet@icon.co.za email

Cape Clawless Otter summary
Recap on the Cape Clawless Otter.

Cape Clawless Otter
A writeup on the Cape Clawless Otter from Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton NY.

Eurasian Otters by Born Free
Eurasian otter description by the Born Free Foundation

Asian Small-Clawed Otter
Asian Small-Clawed Otter fact sheet from American Zoological Association (AZA). Also linked is the AZA Species Survival Plan for the Asian Small-Clawed Otter.

Asian Small-Clawed Otter
The National Zoo's writeup on their 5 Asian Small-Clawed Otters.

Spotted Necked Otters
Brief set of interesting facts on the Spotted Necked Otter.

River Otters Article
Magazine type article on river otters from the High Dessert Museum in Bend Oregon.

Florida River Otters
Brief recap on North American River Otters in Florida.

Life of the North American River Otter in Yellowstone Park (USA) from NATURE.
A recap on the life of the North American River Otter in Yellowstone Park, from the documentary produced and presented on PBS.

Zoos (Oriental Small Clawed) (1) Zoos (African Clawless) (2) Zoos (Sea Otter) (3) Zoos (NA, Southern River Otter) (4) Zoos (European, Spotted Necked Otter) (5) Zoos (Smooth Coated Otter) (6) Zoos (Giant Otter) (7)
Where otters are in zoos around the world.

Otter Pages

Amblonyx Otter Site
A wonderful new site which makes learning about otter fun. Well designed and creative otter facts and stories.

Tracking Otters
Bob Arnebeck has been tracking otters in the New England/USA area for six years. Get the inside scoop and see his wild otter pictures !

Marianne Riedman - Stories of Monterey Bay Sea Otters
A must-read site for those interested in southern sea otters. Marianne Riedman is the author of "The Adventures of Phokey The Sea Otter" and a 15 year veteran on sea otter research, most of that at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Jimmy's Sea Otter Page
A creative site on Sea Otters with good pictures.

Meta's Otter Page
A good recap of numerous otter species.

Otter Stuff - Shopping Sites

IOSF Store
Buy IOSF material from their UK site !

Friends of the Sea Otter Store
Tons of sea otter things available from Friends of the Sea Otter.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Store
Sea otter materials/stuff from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Otter Bay Gifts
Lots of gift ideas on Marine Mammals including sea otters and river otters.

New York River Otter Store
New York River Otter project stuff.

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