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Saving Otters    

        How can you help save otters?
    - By supporting environmental conservation,
    - not accepting pollution,
    - not buying fur or pelts,
    - ensuring fish nets and roads near otter populations build in protection for otters, and
    - telling your friends about otters.

Also, if you can afford to do so, help contribute in funding or your time to research efforts to learn more about otter population trends, monitor habitat and repopulate where needed!


How Can You Help Save Otters ????

  • Support environmental conservation - Habitat destruction, including urban and agricultural development in areas otters more densely populate, is a prime root cause for the declining otter population in many areas. You can help by continuing to recycle and be sensitive to the impact building has on the world ecosystem. Remember - earth is 4.6 BILLION years old, marine invertebrates have been here for 570 million years or so, dinosaurs lived for 160 million years here starting 225 million years ago, mammals have populated earth over the past 65 million years, early man dates back at most 2.5 million years, and man expanded around the globe including North America 30,000 years ago (around 10,000 years ago for South America). Now consider that major western civilizations did not begin until several thousand years ago and mass transportation only several hundred years, you can clearly realize we have only been here on earth an extremely short time.

    During this short time, and accelerating rapidly in the past 50-100 years, we have recklessly destroyed much of the ecology surrounding us that took hundreds of millions of years to evolve. We all need to help change this direction and become good caretakers of our planet so we do not destroy it (and ourselves) in such a short period of time !

  • Do not accept pollution - pollution continues to be a driving force behind the reduction of endangered animals including otters. As companies expand globally we need to have the highest standards for discharging waste materials and communities should not accept comprimises ! Jobs are not worth destroying an ecosystem which will damage our children and their ability to survive in the future. PCBs for example need to be completely banned.

  • Do not buy fur or pelts - Purchase of these products encourages the wreckless killing of animals including otters. Discourage your family and friends from buying real fur.

  • Ensure fish nets and roads near otter populations build in protection for otters - Fyke nets which have killed many Eurasian Otters, for example, need a stop grid at the net entrance; roads need fencelines to prevent deaths

  • Tell your friends about otters and how some of the threatened species are declining - show them Otternet ! - Otters deserve our support ! Information dissemination is the best way to get most to understand what we need to protect.

  • Help contribute to research efforts to learn more about otter population trends, to monitor habitat and to repopulate where needed !

  • International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF)
    The International Otter Survival fund is the only group that protects all thirteen species of otters. They give a quarterly newsletter with all the latest otter news to members.

  • Friends of the Sea Otter
    A non-profit organization dedicated to preservation of the Sea Otter.

  • Montery Bay Aquarium
    Montery Bay Aquarium's Otter Research and Conservation is the only program in the world that rescues and rehabilitates Sea Otter pups with the aim of returning them to the wild.

  • Also consider joining your local otter organization and other wildlife or environmental groups

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