Species Table

SpeciesScientific nameThreatened Category
Cape Clawless OtterAonyx capensis
Sea OtterEnhydra Lutris
Oriential small-clawed OtterAonyx cinereaIUCN lower risk
Congo Clawless OtterAonyx congica
North American River OtterLutra canadensis
Marine OtterLutra felinaIUCN endangered
Neotropical OtterLutra longicaudis
Eurasian OtterLutra lutra
Spotted-necked OtterLutra maculicollis
India Smooth-coated OtterLutra perspicillataIUCN vulnerable
Southern River OtterLutra provacoaxIUCN vulnerable
Hairy-nosed OtterLutra sumatranaIUCN vulnerable
Giant OtterPteronura brasiliensisIUCN vulnerable

IUCN Red List of threatened animals is maintained by the World Conservation Monitoring Centre using categories set out during the 40th meeting of the IUCN Council, Gland, Switzerland.