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Species Profile: Southern River Otter    
Lutra provacoax    

        The southern river otter's distribution has been significantly reduced due to over-hunting and habitat alteration.

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       The Southern River Otter is medium in size. From its head to its body it is 570 to 700mm long. Its tail is 350 to 460mm long. In total the Southern River Otter is 1000 to 1160mm long.

        There are strong claws on the webbed feet of this otter.

        The hair, like most otters, is velvety in texture. Their guardhair is medium in size, 15 to 17mm long. Their underfur is 7 to 8mm long.

        Dark to very dark brown above, with a lighter cinnamon color underside that looks drab and has fawn color


        The nose looks like a squished diamond with the bottom corner cut off. The nostrils are at the lower side section going about one fourth into the nose.

        This otter lives in freshwater environments with dense vegetation covering the shoreline.

Distribution and Population
        The Southern River Otter lives in the southwestern area (primarily the fjiords area) of Chile and Argentina. There aren't many of them. Amazon Adventure also advises us they have been positively identified by a local biologist in the Manu Reserve in Peru, and may also live in other areas of the Amazon basin.

        The Southern River Otter Otter likes to eat crustacean and bivalves. Other important prey includes fish and birds.

Other Names
Spanish: Huillin, Lobito patagonico, Nutria de Chile
French: Loutre du Chili
Dutch: Sudlicher Flussotter
Italian:Lontra di fiume del Chile
Other scientific names

Lontra provcax

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